Sex and the Church in London’s Past and Future

Back to the future is where a new church might look, as although the pattern of may have served the church, society has changed. The structure of the Church needs reform, as the House of Bishops failed to take into account changing views of marriage and the Christian LGBTI community felt their understanding of Christian doctrine had been largely ignored. Today, London’s Church is diverted by sexuality, raising questions about faith and the eternal yearning to unlock life’s riddles. Continue reading “Sex and the Church in London’s Past and Future”

The London Church of Christ Ups and Downs

Kip McKean, the controversial former leader of International Churches of Christ, says that they believe every disciple should have the same mission as Jesus, and a collective dream to evangelize the world. Your mind can be your own worst enemy, creating thus dramatic consequences. An important difference between the London Church of Christ and some evangelical groups is accountability is that the letter say you get saved by taking Jesus into your hearts, whiled the former says you are saved by Jesus only through them.

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The Decline of Religion in the United Kingdom

Religion in the United Kingdom must be seen as a whole, for it has been dominated for over 1,400 years by Christianity. Study shows that 48.6 % of Londoners are of no religion, while Anglicans account for 17.1% of the British, Catholics 8.7% and non-Christian religions 8.4%. Among Christians, Anglicans, Catholics and Presbyterians are the most common denomination, which has led commentators to describe the UK as a secularized society.

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