Sex and the Church in London’s Past and Future

Back to the future is where a new church might look, as although the pattern of may have served the church, society has changed. The structure of the Church needs reform, as the House of Bishops failed to take into account changing views of marriage and the Christian LGBTI community felt their understanding of Christian doctrine had been largely ignored. Today, London’s Church is diverted by sexuality, raising questions about faith and the eternal yearning to unlock life’s riddles.

In December 2013 the Church of England voted to reject the notion of women’s joining the episcopate, but in January 2014 the bishops followed up with ruling admitting gay priests provided that they remain celibate. One wonders how this could be workable, as a gay priest has a moral responsibility in terms of sexuality.

Whatever opinion the church might have on this matter of sexuality, it is known that London has one of the biggest escort communities, and a fine girl can be easily found on the internet. One can simply browse for London escorts agencies services, search their reviews or request an escort to accompany him, also he can find plenty charming girls ( in London as well as almost every corner of Britain. “Sex and the Church”, a British documentary series, explores how the Western society has moved apart from Church on issues of gender.

It was not until Pope Gregory VII that marriage became a Christian ceremony, when couples had to be married by a priest and took place in the porch of the church. Excessive sexual desire was seen as wrong, but society celebrated adultery, so the churches allowed brothels next to the cathedral. Across Europe, women were accused of witchcraft and many were tortured in the Würzburg witch trial.

Dating nowadays is hard, but it’s especially hard for Christians, a sub-group that wants to be tying the knot. But despite the prevalence of Christian couples saying their vows, a global Christian dating website told The Independent that 20% of its users are aged 18-30.

Church of England will not be having an easy couple of years, for its spending on sexual abuse issues has increased since 2014, with more than 3,300 allegations. Peter Hancock said to the general synod in London that “we will hear deeply painful accounts of abuse” and “a deep sense of shame”. Professional advisers have been appointed to deal with disclosures of abuse, but for too long the church has not responded well, so further change is needed. Such debates, given the sexual abuse scandals, are not only offered by the church nowadays.

There is a growth program which will fund some creative initiatives across marginalized areas, including more drop-in churches and networks of support workers. These initiatives show us how the church approaches its work, as the parish structure is failing because younger people do not have a pattern of going to services. The statistics unveiled in the 2011 census stated that, although Christianity remained the dominant faith, the proportion of people professing no religious faith, as millions of people dropped out of Christianity to embrace agnosticism.

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