The London Church of Christ Ups and Downs

Kip McKean, the controversial former leader of International Churches of Christ, says that they believe every disciple should have the same mission as Jesus, and a collective dream to evangelize the world. Your mind can be your own worst enemy, creating thus dramatic consequences. An important difference between the London Church of Christ and some evangelical groups is accountability is that the letter say you get saved by taking Jesus into your hearts, whiled the former says you are saved by Jesus only through them.

People who join a religion may have enormous pressure put on them, but it is not brainwashing. It is a nice welcome that attracts many towards ‘Britain’s fastest-growing cult’, together with the feeling that you are part of a family. Membership in Britain has grown since three Americans started recruiting in 1982, creating branches in cities such as Leeds, Liverpool or Manchester.


New members find themselves moving into communes, ‘busing and tubing’ – and as most also work full time, and many become cut off from family. The London Church of Christ is a branch of a movement started 1979 that claims to be the only true Christian church, where members ascend the ladder of authority. Cult help lines report a number of inquiries from friends of members, which rank it as one of the top cults, says Ian Howarth, and probably the most active group.


‘It’s an overall term,’ says Charlotte Hardman, as ‘The anti-cult movement makes all people passive victims.” Why Mary left the London Church of Christ is wrote in a testimony, having prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide her. She knew she had abandoned God and an accident made her rethink, in a ray of yearning to be forgiven.


She was wrong in her attempts to discover what constitutes Christianity, and her entry into this church for a relatively short period of nine months made her ‘deeply’ involved and willing to give up anything for the church. She was wondering if she could trust these people, time and time again, but there is a method used to ‘control your mind’, by saying to you: “All doubts about the church come from Satan”. She heard these words again and again whenever, until she started to think that doubts were an indication of a ‘bad heart’ and being negative’, trusting everything they said.


Her family arranged for her to see their priest, which caused the leaders to ridicule her and tell her in a condescending tone: “I know what your church teaches.”  She can report that she was happy there, thinking that she was saved, part of a group who were the true Christians, the only ones saved. She belonged to this church where you got hugs, were approached by many people, just like being part of a family.


She does not class its doctrines as brainwashing, because you believe you’re acting out of free will, reading the Bible and wanting to be part of the church. Today, evangelical groups are still recruiting on Britain’s campuses.

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